Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick & Easy Polish Removal Method - Tutorial

I can't take credit for this removal method, I'm not sure who came up with it! I can say it is the quickest, easiest method I have used and want to share it with you!

To Start: You just need polish remover, a cotton ball, and I like to use a little dish to hold the remover (you can use the cap if you don't have anything).

First comes the cotton ball!
unroll a cotton ball, use your fingers or scissors and split it in half length-wise, then rip the strips into small nail-sized pieces as demonstrated below...

I get about 10 pieces per strip (20 total for 1 cotton ball)

Now it's time to remove that polish! Click on the pictures to enlarge them!
Pour a small amount of remover in a small dish or the lid.
Dip one piece of cotton at a time, just the tip (it'll travel up the rest of the piece) into the remover.
Place the wet piece onto nail, and continue with each nail.
I do one hand at a time, just a little easier to work with.

After about 20-30 seconds, push (not hard) on the cotton and slide it off the nail!
If there are bits of polish left, use your extra cotton pieces to finish cleaning up.
This took me less than 1 cotton ball, and very little remover, to remove all polish from 10 fingers!

Now GO! Try it! And tell me if you love it!!! 

Glisten & Glow - body lotions

I have had the privilege of finding Glisten & Glow, thanks to Facebook. Jill, the lovely owner, brings you handmade, customizable bath and body products in a huge variety of scents (75+) including men's fragrances! Not only can you customize your scent, but also your label, making it truly your own!
With some luck, and kindness, I won 4- 1oz body lotions through a recent Twitter contest, and would like to review them for you.
I chose the scents: Lemonade, Mango, Pina Colada, and French Vanilla.
The lotion has a nice consistency, (not too thick, not too thin) and left me feeling soft and smelling great, not greasy! I adore the packaging as well. These were customized with my original Beauty Facebook page's name, Express Your Inner Beauty, so cute! I like the size of these because it's nice to keep one in my purse for whenever my hands are feeling dry, or I want a bit of fragrance. They all smell great, I think my favorite is Pina Colada... *summer*!!!
I'm a big fan of supporting small business, especially when you find a quality product!
I look forward to trying more of the Glisten & Glow line, and I do recommend checking out everything available at  where you can also shop or even contact Jill if you have any questions. You don't have to be a Facebook member to visit the site.

**These were won in a contest, all opinions are my own**

Essie - Navigate Her

With Spring quickly approaching, I notice there are a lot of greens this year. This is a review for Essie's Navigate Her from their Spring 2012 collection, also named Navigate Her and includes 6 great Spring shades.
This green reminds me of pistachio ice cream! I thought it seemed like a perfect shade for Spring.

This is 2 coats which reached the perfect opaque color.
I have to say, I am not super fond of the brush. 1st coat application was streaky, but smoothed out and covered well with the 2nd coat. The consistency is what I would expect for a polish in this price range.  I do like the color a lot and the polish is definitely good quality! Dry time was quick, I waited 4 minutes between coats and was dry in about 15 minutes (however, still take caution for an hour or so not to dent the polish!) It has worn very well with no chipping or tip wear at day 4, minimal tip wear after that. As much as it wasn't my favorite as far as application goes, overall it is a great polish. I intend to pick up a few more Essie colors to compare application and durability.
You can find Essie polishes at most major drugstores and online. Average cost is $8. but I have seen it for less.

**I purchased this product myself, all opinions are my own**

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sinful Colors nailpolish Blog Launch Giveaway!

I'm very excited about the beginning of Beauty Blog so I thought I'd do a giveaway to celebrate the launching of the site!
One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win these 3 polishes by Sinful Colors, which I really like!
The colors are: Rise and Shine, Timbleberry, and Nirvana.
You must be a public follower of the blog to win, and I can currently only ship within the US.
Thanks for your support and Good Luck!!!
fyi: The below Facebook link is not working, the address is Please like from here and I will confirm your extra entries!

Pure Ice nail polish - Bari Cosmetics

Hi! Here I am reviewing several PURE ICE nail polishes from !
This was my first "nail-mail" and I had never used Pure Ice before so I was super excited to try it out!

I was drawn to HEART BREAKER first...
It's a beautiful, almost turquoise blue. Unfortunately it was very thin and it took 3 coats just to achieve the still-sheer-look seen here. I was a little bummed, to say the least. Of course not bummed enough to give up on these lovely colors! You could also apply this or another sheer color over another polish and I'm sure you would reach a nice opaque. Then again, some colors are nice sheer.

Excellent, smooth consistency! Yay! This is with 2 coats and honestly, you could get away with one! Very high-shine silver. One of the better silver polishes I've tried.

I thought this was a funny/cute name! Another excellent application! Once again, went on smoothly, I used   2 coats, but could wear it with one. It's a really nice muted purple. I don't usually like similar colors with my skin-tone, but actually really like this one. It may be my favorite of the bunch!

My 2nd favorite of this bunch! This is 2 coats. It also had excellent consistency and application. A very bright, bold pink, sure to draw attention!

All above colors had a quick dry time, I waited 2-3 minutes between coats. They can be found at  and are currently listed at $3.07

Now, how cute are these little sets?!
Winter Crackle and Ice Duo - Pink Glitter with Pink Crackle

The pink glitter went on smooth but pretty sheer. I wanted to show it alone, that is with 2 coats. It is a gritty glitter polish but smooths out after using the crackle and a topcoat. I applied 1 coat of POUT pink crackle, and it "crackled" immediately, leaving a nice amount of the glitter peeking through. The pink color is very bright, similar to the previous posted FLIRT ALERT.

last but not least, Winter Crackle and Ice Duo - Gold Glitter with Black Crackle

This gold glitter alone is gorgeous! I couldn't capture it as well as I would have liked in the photograph. It's very sparkly with minor hints of other colors mixed in that you can catch under certain light. Applied great and probably could have gotten away with 1 coat. Also a "gritty" glitter, smoothed out after crackle and topcoat.Topped with one coat of STROBE LIGHT black crackle, this is a pretty stunning look!

The Crackle and Ice duos are currently priced at $5.98 on . They all include the cute little matching file, as well.

So, overall, I really enjoyed using these polishes (with the exception of the blue)! As I said, smooth application, nice sized brush (not too big or too small) and a pretty quick dry time. With a good topcoat the polish wore well for me, about 5 days with no unusual problems.
There is a wide range of really nice colors available!

What are your thoughts or opinions on Pure Ice?

**These products were provided by Bari Cosmetics, all opinions are my own**

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wet n Wild - Idol Eyes

In a quest to find a daytime, everyday eye-color I came across wet n wild's idol eyes in the shade: 130 Pixie

It was 1.99 at Walgreens, they had 6 shades available (dark bright blue, medium blue, green, purple, granite, and the shade I've shown). I've seen these pretty much anywhere that sells Wet n Wild, so they're easy to find.
It is a very sheer, very creamy pencil. I like the application a lot. Can be used all over the eyelids, or as a (wider) liner, and is great for blending. It does not dry up, it stays the creamy consistency on your skin. While I enjoy that fact, I did notice after a few hours that I had some crease lines. The bonus is it was easy to smooth it back out. For the price, I say it's worth it, but I do wish this shade went on just a little darker. Lasting time was pretty decent, I touched up after about 6 hours because it is so light.
I will probably try another shade, but this one is nice for a very subtle glow on the eyes.

**I purchased this product myself, all opinions are my own**

Lindo Swirly Do hair ties

The second product I tested by Lindo from  is the Swirly Do hair ties.
The claim is that they leave "No Pony Lines" and "No Headaches".
They are stretchy, rubber-like little coils making them waterproof as well.
Here is my hair, out of the shower and straightened...
Wow, my hair's getting long! Anyhow... I hate ponytail bumps and the headaches! I also get lines when I use "claw clips" which I pretty much use daily. SO, I decided to put these to the test! I wore one all evening and then decided, why not sleep with it in? They are comfortable. Then I kept it in until late the following night. So here are the results...
A very minor wave in the front on my left side. That's it! It wasn't even enough to have to re-straighten my hair! That's a huge bonus for me! I am really pleased with these and have been wearing it more than my good old claw. I honestly thought these were just going to be a gimmick, but was pleasantly surprised.
I originally wrapped it around my hair twice and it was holding well. As expected, some hair fell out while sleeping. The next day I wrapped it three times just for a more secure hold.
If you wear your hair up, especially for working out or even just for style, I think you'll enjoy these.:)

Swirly Do on is priced at 7.99 or 9.99 for a 5-7 pack. They come in a color-variety pack and there are several color options to choose from. Right now all are on sale for 5.99 !

**This product was provided for review, all opinions are my own**

Lindo twist-n-roll tweezers

I received two products by Lindo from, which I was very excited to test.
The first is called twist-n-roll tweezers

It came with very simple directions:
  1. Bend into a shape and place the coils against your skin.
  2. Twist the handles outward (so your thumbs roll in toward eachother)
  3. As you twist the coil should roll slowly upward against your skin.
Always keep the coil bent in the shape
There is also a notation: to reduce sensitivity, place a hot towel on the area for a few minutes before use.
It is noted to “Gently remove hair on upper lip, chin, neck, forehead and more.”

Ok, I’ve tweezed and waxed and I’m pretty tolerant of pain.  I am not going to lie to you! It hurts!!! Mind you, my 1st attempt, I did NOT use the hot towel before ‘tweezing’. As you can see, I left myself red, but it was all back to normal in about 10-15 minutes.

After a bit, I realized if you move a little quicker and do small amounts at a time, it isn’t as painful. Remember to keep your skin taught, as you would with regular tweezers. It also became less painful the 2nd time I used it (I also applied the semi-hot towel this time!).
The results are GREAT! Super smooth, no breakouts or anything like that.
I will use it again when the hair grows back and update you on whether the pain is lessened. It definitely saved a lot of time compared to tweezing and you don’t have to use a mirror. I would NOT suggest using it on eyebrows because it grabs a lot of hair and that could just be a disaster!

Twist-n-roll is currently retailing at 14.99 on You can also see a demonstration video there. 
I did come across it on for under $10. 

**This product was provided for review, all opinions are my own**

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zoya Polish - Charla

Zoya Professional Lacquer - Charla

Charla is part of the Zoya Sparkle Collection for 2010.

Charla is a blue sparkle polish with a lot of micro glitter. There is a hint of green and gold in the glitter as well, which I just couldn't capture in the picture, but it's beautiful. It reminds me of the scales on a gorgeous fish or perhaps a mermaids tail?!
This is using 2 coats of polish.The polish went on super smooth. Dry time was very fast and removal extremely easy, even with the glitter! I really like Zoya polish brushes. They are a bit thinner, shorter and flat while still holding polish great and having a lot of flexibility and ease of application. Wear time was exceptional, minimal tip wear on day 5.
I have to say, I could not stop looking at my nails! This is a bright, bold, beautiful color and I think it would look great on any skin tone. Highly recommended!
Zoya polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor free. A vegan-friendly product.
Zoya polishes retail for around $8, and are available at , or can be purchased at certain salons and recently some of their line has been brought to Ulta.

**I purchased this product myself, all opinions are my own**

China Glaze - For Audrey

 China Glaze Nail Lacquer WITH HARDENERS 
in For Audrey

I originally eyed this for it's robin egg-like blue color, then I read the name! Being a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, I had to have it! The polish went on very smooth with exceptional coverage. This photo was taken with only one coat! I had no streaking problems. The brush is a nice size (even for smaller nail beds like my own) and holds onto the polish well. This also has had great staying power, day 5 and no sign of wear or chipping. I do have my hands in water a lot, cleaning, and doing other art-work so I tend to chip my polish pretty quickly.
This color was released in 2007 as a Limited Edition in honor of Audrey Hepburn. For Audrey is a fitting name as the color is nearly a true Tiffany&co Blue.

**I purchased this product myself, all opinions are my own**

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

essence Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow

This is essence Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow in the shade Glammy Goes To...
This is a very shimmering, cream shadow. 0.19oz/5.5g in a cute, domed, twist off container. A little definitely goes a long way with this shadow! I really like the creamy consistency, and "long lasting" is no lie! It has great pigmentation and can be put on sheer or built up. I had no creasing problems with this shadow.
I used my finger to apply which made a bit of a mess, but it was the first attempt! I would probably recommend a shadow applicator for better control.
I'm a fan of champagne colored shadows and this one really brightened up my eyes. I could see using this as an easy, everyday wear. It's so simple and quick to apply.

**product was supplied by essence for review, all opinions are my own.**
Next up is essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer!
Available at Ulta for under $3.00, what a great bargain for this concealer! It is a 0.12oz/3.5g size in a clear plastic container. Each color does have it's purpose: "use pink against circles around the eyes, use beige against blemishes, use green against redness". The consistency is very creamy and light. I would recommend using a brush or makeup sponge for maximum coverage. Also, a powder to lock it in would help.
I have a medium skin-tone and it covered my dark under-eye circles and red blemishes very well. I think it would be even better on fair skin. Below are my before and after pictures...
Now, this is with no other makeup added. My skin looks much more even. I did apply a powder and the application lasted well for about 8 hours before I started to notice any need for touch up!
I think the only issue I had was that the container is slightly hard to open, you have to press in on a little "button" to release it, but in the same sense it also stays securely closed. Definitely not a big enough issue not to purchase this. Another plus is the smaller size, making it ideal to toss in your purse for anytime use. Overall, I am pleased with the 3 in 1 foundation and will continue to use it!

**product provided by essence for review, all opinions are my own.**

Sunday, February 5, 2012

essence Reviews

Hi beauty lovers! I'm going to start off with reviewing the German line, essence.
First up is essence Cover Stick
This is in the color 01 Matt Sand. As I have a slight olive skin tone, this may not be the best color for me, but I tried it out regardless! The stick twists up and is a hard cream, like many cover sticks. I used my finger for application. Below I show you : Before (no makeup), right eye only, and the 3rd picture is both eyes and blemishes...
As you can see, there is quite a difference! This is not the "best" cover stick or under-eye solution I have used, but for approximately $1.99 I'd say it's a pretty good bargain! It is definitely tough for the under eye area, left creases noticeable, but it is workable. I preferred it on blemishes which you can see a comparison between the top and bottom photo. Essence is available at Ulta.
If you've tried one of these cover sticks, let me know what you think!

** This product was provided by essence, all opinions are my own**