Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure Ice nail polish - Bari Cosmetics

Hi! Here I am reviewing several PURE ICE nail polishes from http://baricosmetics.com !
This was my first "nail-mail" and I had never used Pure Ice before so I was super excited to try it out!

I was drawn to HEART BREAKER first...
It's a beautiful, almost turquoise blue. Unfortunately it was very thin and it took 3 coats just to achieve the still-sheer-look seen here. I was a little bummed, to say the least. Of course not bummed enough to give up on these lovely colors! You could also apply this or another sheer color over another polish and I'm sure you would reach a nice opaque. Then again, some colors are nice sheer.

Excellent, smooth consistency! Yay! This is with 2 coats and honestly, you could get away with one! Very high-shine silver. One of the better silver polishes I've tried.

I thought this was a funny/cute name! Another excellent application! Once again, went on smoothly, I used   2 coats, but could wear it with one. It's a really nice muted purple. I don't usually like similar colors with my skin-tone, but actually really like this one. It may be my favorite of the bunch!

My 2nd favorite of this bunch! This is 2 coats. It also had excellent consistency and application. A very bright, bold pink, sure to draw attention!

All above colors had a quick dry time, I waited 2-3 minutes between coats. They can be found at http://baricosmetics.com/  and are currently listed at $3.07

Now, how cute are these little sets?!
Winter Crackle and Ice Duo - Pink Glitter with Pink Crackle

The pink glitter went on smooth but pretty sheer. I wanted to show it alone, that is with 2 coats. It is a gritty glitter polish but smooths out after using the crackle and a topcoat. I applied 1 coat of POUT pink crackle, and it "crackled" immediately, leaving a nice amount of the glitter peeking through. The pink color is very bright, similar to the previous posted FLIRT ALERT.

last but not least, Winter Crackle and Ice Duo - Gold Glitter with Black Crackle

This gold glitter alone is gorgeous! I couldn't capture it as well as I would have liked in the photograph. It's very sparkly with minor hints of other colors mixed in that you can catch under certain light. Applied great and probably could have gotten away with 1 coat. Also a "gritty" glitter, smoothed out after crackle and topcoat.Topped with one coat of STROBE LIGHT black crackle, this is a pretty stunning look!

The Crackle and Ice duos are currently priced at $5.98 on http://baricosmetics.com . They all include the cute little matching file, as well.

So, overall, I really enjoyed using these polishes (with the exception of the blue)! As I said, smooth application, nice sized brush (not too big or too small) and a pretty quick dry time. With a good topcoat the polish wore well for me, about 5 days with no unusual problems.
There is a wide range of really nice colors available!

What are your thoughts or opinions on Pure Ice?

**These products were provided by Bari Cosmetics, all opinions are my own**

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